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Basic Biology:

•    Bee sting reactions range from itching, swelling, localized pain to anaphylactic shock
•    Most bees and wasps like sugars, proteins and carbohydrates depending on the time of year.  They also eat other insect larvae.
•    Queens, kings and workers live in a colony
•    These insects are most aggressive in hot temperatures when the nest is approached or their flight path is obstructed
•    Nests can be in the ground, on windows and soffits, in trees, shrubs or between walls and under vinyl siding
Our professionals will treat all areas of infestation to protect your family from these aggressive invaders.


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Yellow jacket

Yellow jacket queen

Paper wasp

Mud dauber

Honey bee

European hornet

Carpenter bee

Bumble bee

Baled face hornet

Asian hornet

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