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Basic Biology:
•    Carpenter ants live in colonies in wood and hollow root structures.  They excavate the wood to build their nest.  They do not eat wood, just damage it.
•    Carpenter ants indicate moisture problems, rotting wood and possible leaks in the home.
•    They are mostly black, with an elbowed antenna and brown bands on their abdomen.  They come in three sizes: Major Worker, Minor Worker, and Queen.
•    They swarm usually May through July in our area, depending on moisture and temperature.
•    Winged reproductives indicate a nest in the home in excess of 3-4,000 ants.
•    Carpenter ants usually have several satellite colonies.
In our geographical region, carpenter ant maintenance should be part of any home protection plan to reduce and eliminate these damaging insects.  Our professionals apply a residual material that continues to work for several months depending on environmental conditions.  We offer our services with a 100% warranty on our treatment.


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