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Basic Biology:
•    There are 4 main species of cockroaches in our area: German, Oriental, American, and Brown – Banded.
•    Cockroaches need the same foods we do to survive: fats, protein, carbohydrates and sugar.
•    The German cockroach is a prolific breeder and will overrun a kitchen and home in a matter of months.
•    Sanitation, moisture reduction and exclusion are necessary to control cockroaches.
•    Cockroaches transmit diseases to humans and increase allergic and respiratory reactions.
Our professionals use a residual material that can last several months in cracks and crevices where the infestation is taking place.  Since the pesticides irritate the insects, you may see an increase in activity following treatment.  However, after a few weeks, a progressive reduction in the number of sightings will occur.  We follow up in two weeks for re-treatment and if the customer follows basic sanitation requirements and preparation prior to treatment, elimination can be expected.


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Oriental roach

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