January & February – Winter Pest Control

No Pests Means a Cleaner Home

Some years ago a toy manufacturer came out with a line of toys called “Real Pests”. Trying to cash in on the popularity of special toy dolls that burped-up liquid, the pest toys spewed actual “goo”. Oh great-another mess to clean up! Needless to say, the Real Pests toys were a huge flop, and today you can’t find them.
Unlike these toys, the messes actual pests create are really dirty and unsanitary, and it can be far more time consuming and difficult to clean them up. Pests are not house broken and they leave their droppings everywhere. But droppings are only part of the problem.

Flies, for instance, regurgitate (actually throw up) their food, and then lap it up again. When they do this on our food or food counters, they spread germs and leave spots.

Rodents, besides leaving their droppings, chew things up and make nests of it, urinate wherever they go, and leave hairs and grease marks.

Cockroaches leave behind their egg cases, droppings, and particles of their shed skins. Because they crawl in damp, dark, dirty places, these pests carry a very unhealthy mix of disease-causing germs with them.

Fleas excrete extra dried blood which their larvae feed on.

Spiders leave spider webs and egg cases, excreted body fluids, and carcasses of dead insects.

These are just a few examples of unsanitary messes pests create. By eliminating pests, our regular professional pest management services help make it easier to keep a cleaner home with fewer germs!

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