July & August – Summer Pest Control

Lights On- The Bugs Will Come!

Outdoor lights are a great benefit and increase security, but they also can create more pest problems.
When lights shine on a door or window, crawling and flying insects will be drawn to these areas in large numbers on warm nights. If these lights are visible from far off, they can attract pests from far away right to your front door!

Some of these pests will eventually find their way indoors. Others will stay around the lit area and start eating the plants they find, or lay eggs that hatch and become pests. Others will b eaten by spiders, ants, and centipedes, which are attracted to the area by the plentiful food source.

Here are a few helpful tips from us to help reduce this problem:

» Brighter lights attract more insects, so reduce wattage whenever possible.

» Don’t turn lights on until one hour after sunset to avoid many early flying insects, and then turn them off when they are not needed. In non-essential areas use motion-sensor lights.

» Switch from using fluorescent and mercury vapor bulbs that are highly attractive to pests to sodium vapor or halogen lights that are much less attractive. For incandescent bulbs, switch from white to yellow. The wave length put out by yellow bulbs is less visible to insects.

» Shine lights towards a door rather than placing the light directly over a door. That way insects are attracted more to the light source and away from the entry.

» Block lights with shields so that they illuminate key areas but are not visible from a long distance out.

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