March & April – Spring Pest Control

Invading Pests: THEY’RE BACK!

It’s predictable – pests come back every year as the weather warms. But which pests this year?
Many Pests are a problem every year, and we even know about when they will start invading homes. Other pests may not be a problem for several years, and then all of a sudden, because of certain weather patterns or natural cycles, they become a major problem again. And still other pests are new to the area and still spreading.

These nonnative pests often turn out to be some of our most serious pests.
Because some of them. After all, there are over a million species of insects alone that have been named, and scientists estimate that there are 10 million more insect species waiting to be discovered and named.

So it should come as no surprise that a typical backyard is often a breeding and swelling place for several thousand different kinds of bugs.

Some of these are very good at finding their way indoors, either by crawling through cracks, or by flying in. A good many of our indoor pest problems are a result of these outdoor pests invading homes.

That’s why our perimeter treatments are so important. By professionally treating around the outside of your foundation and in other key areas, we can stop many unwanted pests before they have a chance to enter your home.

Our perimeter treatments are just one of the important tools we use to enable you to enjoy the benefits of a pest-free life!

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