November & December – Pest Control

Seven Hidden Benefits of our Services:

Most people are very happy simply to be rid of invading and obnoxious pests. They don’t realize our professional pest control services deliver many “hidden” benefits – helping them live a healthier, better life. A few of these are listed below.

1.    Less cleaning – Pests are dirty, and require cleaning up their dead bodies, droppings, webs etc. Surely you’ve got better things to do!

2.    Fewer illnesses – There is a strong link between pests and many diseases from food poisoning to certain kinds of asthma. Who wants the agony?

3.    Fewer bites and stings – No one wants to worry about fleas, spiders, rats, bees, wasps, and other pests stinging them, or sucking out their blood. Give blood to a blood bank instead!

4.    Use fewer pesticides yourself – Statistics show that homeowners are 67 times more likely to misapply pesticides than a professional. Who wants to spend time trying to do something they haven’t been trained for?

5.    Peace of mind – Our expertise allows us to choose effective but less toxic pesticides and other treatments, use less pesticide. Properly store is and dispose of it, etc. It’s better and safer for people and our environment. It’s the right thing to do.

6.    Save money and time – Spending time and money repairing or cleaning things damages by pests is aggravating, a waste of time and unnecessary expense.

7.    Give yourself more time and energy for family, hobbies, and other important things. Add up all these things, and you can see that having us professionally eliminate pests makes your life more enjoyable. So smile a little more… and enjoy a safer and better life!

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