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Extermination – Who Needs It?

Why Inspect?
Every year thousands of homes are attacked by wood destroying pests, other animals and insects.
Home buyers need to know if these pests are present before investing their money.
It is wise to have a property inspected by a licensed representative who can detect the presence of these pests, provide a report and the proper action needed for a given objective solution.

What is a Pest?
A pest is any animal or insect that causes discomfort, annoyance or is destructive to property.

What kinds of pests can affect me when buying or selling a home?

Carpenter Ants:

Wood excavating carpenter ants can build galleries in wood and can do extensive structural damage.

Powder Post Beetles:
Small beetles, whose larvae feed in hard wood, such as oak.
Wood Borer Beetles:
Large beetles, whose larvae feed in soft wood, such as pine.

Carpenter Bees:
Bore holes in soft wood, such as pine fences, decks and facial eaves.

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