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Pests don’t take vacations

Pest control is a year-round process. Depending on the season, you can find yourself dealing with destructive pest and insects.
At XX-Terminator, we don’t just take a one-size-fits-all approach to pest control and wildlife removal.

Our years of experience have taught us how to handle a variety of situations – with a deep understanding of how seasons affect pest control – so we will be able to quickly determine the best course of action to solve your pest problem.

Winter pests

Many pests leave their eggs to hatch during the colder months.
So even if you don’t see a lot of pest activity, you may want to
have a professional do a thorough sweep before you have a problem
when the winter thaws.

Winter also tends to bring more hibernating insects
into people’s homes and businesses. We can quickly and efficiently
remove these pests, or take a look at your building to determine
whether you might have a problem once the weather warms.

Fall pests

Don’t let mosquitoes, cluster flies, ants, or other insects use your home
or business as a place to hold out during the winter.
Talk to the professionals at XX-Terminator.
We will determine where you’re vulnerable and come up
with a plan to ensure that you don’t end up hosting a hotel
of pests all winter long.

Spring pests

Spring is when the pests make their return.
However, each year often brings a different pest concern
depending on which region of the country you live in.
We keep track of the yearly pest cycles for you so that
we’re prepared to handle whatever mother nature throws
our way, whether it’s ants, mosquitoes or cockroaches.

Summer pests

In the summer, bug and pest season is in full swing.
Some insects can become a hazard to your home or business,
mosquitoes become a hassle for almost everyone, bees
are always difficult to deal with, and bedbugs tend to expand
their territory.

Protect yourself and your home or business against
these threats by working with Rochester’s best extermination professionals.

Adult Bedbug

American roach

Asian hornet

Baled face hornet

Black house spider

Body lice


Brown banded Roach

Brown house spider

Brown recluse spider

Bumble bee

Camel spider

Carpenter ant

Carpenter bee

Cat flea

Citronella ant

Cluster flies

Common earwig

Common house spider

Daddy long leg spider

Digger wasp

Dog flea

Dog tick

Drain fly

Drugstore Beetle

European hornet

Female deer tick

Fruit fly

Fungus gnat

Ground beetle

Head lice

Honey bee

House fly

Japanese beetle

Lady bug

Little Black Ant

Male deer tick

Moth fly

Mud dauber

Oriental roach

Paper wasp

Pavement ant

Pharoah ants

Phorid fly

Pubic louse

Stable fly

Stink Bug

Wood roach

Yellow garden spider

Yellow jacket queen

Yellow jacket

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