September & October – Fall Pest Control

Time for Fall Invaders!

Fall is busy time for pests as a wide variety of insects invade homes, searching for a place to spend the winter.

In the fall many pests by instinct search for a dry, warm crevice or cavity such as a hallowed out tree stump or old animal burrow, a wood or rock pile, or underneath loose bark. To pests, our homes are other buildings look very similar to these natural sites.
By instinct they crawl deep into cracks and holes in our foundations, walls and roofs, and around the edges of loose-fitting doors and windows.

Often the insect pests crawl in and then later become confused by the lights and warmth further indoors. Waking up prematurely from their winter stupor and thinking it’s already spring, they start crawling towards lighted, warm areas – which means they often head further indoors, right into our living areas, rather than outdoors.

Common fall invaders that can cause problems include the new Asian lady beetles and brown marmorated stink bugs, boxelder bugs, crickets, cluster flies, face flies, and many other bugs and beetles.
In addition, man-made structures will attract some kinds of ants that may move their entire colony indoors.

A few insects indoors can be simply vacuumed up. If you have issues in past winters, call us now to schedule special preventative treatments. Depending on the pests involved, these preventative treatments are often done in early fall.

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